Wednesday, March 23, 2011

don't take the last coke, ok?

Last night I layed my head on your chest while you watched tv, just like I always do. You played with my hair and scratched my back, just like you always do. And I pretended I was asleep, just to see if you'd keep playing with my hair if I didn't coax you. You surprised me. Instead, you gently said in almost a whisper.... "after I drop the girls off to school, right after I've kissed you goodbye, I sometimes just feel alone & I miss you."

Oh, you're good.......Just when I feel like there's nothing new to know about you, you surprise me. And after you left for work this morning, when I went to the fridge to get a diet coke, I found an empty box. And instead of being sad you took my only link to sanity for the day, I'm remembering how cute you are when you thought I was asleep. And I missed you too.

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