Wednesday, March 23, 2011

don't take the last coke, ok?

Last night I layed my head on your chest while you watched tv, just like I always do. You played with my hair and scratched my back, just like you always do. And I pretended I was asleep, just to see if you'd keep playing with my hair if I didn't coax you. You surprised me. Instead, you gently said in almost a whisper.... "after I drop the girls off to school, right after I've kissed you goodbye, I sometimes just feel alone & I miss you."

Oh, you're good.......Just when I feel like there's nothing new to know about you, you surprise me. And after you left for work this morning, when I went to the fridge to get a diet coke, I found an empty box. And instead of being sad you took my only link to sanity for the day, I'm remembering how cute you are when you thought I was asleep. And I missed you too.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun is exhausting

Fun is exhausting. Hence, Kimball falling asleep at the counter. I had to capture this photo quickly before he fell off his bar stool. This Spring time change is no good for little ones.

We had two small miracles occur this week, which I feel so grateful for.

- One is that during a home fix-it project that went wrong every step of the way, Rich found a MAJOR problem. The hot water vent wasn't ever attached to the flute. Hence, we could've had carbon-monoxide poisoning over the last 5 years without knowing. I'm making a trip to Home Depot this weekend to make sure we get some Carbon Monoxide alarms.

-Second miracle is my Mason Jar Chandelier wire got pretty close to catching on fire. It's a nice shade of black, when it should have been clear. We will be finding a new light fixture this weekend as well and putting in new smoke detectors too. I am grateful for not dying of a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning!

A funny thing happened though that I found quite hilarious. Rich helped a friend late one night who was stuck downtown with a broken car. Without many stores open that late for car parts, Rich was able to chomp on Tums and spit on a carroded battery. Amongst other things like pulling out many manly tools, the crisis was averted! I guess Tums comes in handy to keep in my purse! Thank you MacGyver!

Morgan's Art Award

Morgan has mad skills when it comes to her artwork. Once again, she managed to be showcased in the annual Art Gallery for our community. She had two pieces awarded this year! Yay Morgan! We were thrilled for her and celebrated with Sonic floats afterwards. Here are her masterpieces.........

"A Starry Dallas Night". Morgan and her art teacher Mr. G. Someday I'll learn what the G stands for.

And her second piece is some kind of scary mask. Should I be worried that she opted to put a nose ring on her creature? Hmm, we may have to have a talk about piercings girl!

Taylor's version of giving M's artwork "2 Thumbs UP!" Kimball is too fast to be pictured. That kid is a runaway train wreck. Seriously.