Wednesday, February 20, 2013


2 entries last year?  That's all I did?  How did I miss so much?  How did I not write about our crazy move just 20min away?  How we all got this crazy awful stomach flu and were lying flat on our backs wanting to die with the movers showing up in just a few hours.  And my really good friends and sister coming in to save us.  They get extra heaven rewards for coming into our "infected" house.  I bawled when my friend showed up at my door and said "if I get sick, I get sick!  You still gotta move!"  Big sigh.  I don't feel worthy of such incredible friends sometimes.  My New Years Resolution last year was to not have any regrets for 2012.  And I blogged twice.  Lame.

How could I not blog about Taylor's baptism?  Just days before our move?  Sweet girl, my sweet Taylor.  I feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful daughter (daughters!).  You are my right hand.  My biggest help and I can always count on you to come to my aid with Kimball.  Kimball has wanted to sleep in your room the last few nights and I've found you snuggling him, reading books to him.  But mostly laughing.  You two are always laughing!  Such music to my ears.  You want to run faster than the fastest boy in your class.  You want to be tougher than the boys.  You want to be athletic and only wear pony tails.  You hate the color pink.  You love wearing tennis shoes and hate anything glittery.  You are obsessed with stuffed animals and American Girl dolls and horses and gymnastics.  You are a bundle of energy and happiness and are a class favorite!  You have so many friends.

What happened to blogging our summer of awesomeness.? I thought we'd be still trying to sell our house so I planned an extra long vacay.  A week with Aunt Allison, a few days with my friend in Utah,  and then off to Aunt Mandy's and our final destination- Tony & Franci's wedding in Washington.  We managed to climb Mt Timpanogas.  Most miserable climb of my life.  Carrying Kimball uphill the entire way.  And then again downhill.  He was such a stinker that day.  We went to Bear Lake and Bear World and played in the sprinklers a million times.  We went to Lake Roosevelt and played at the beach.  We had an incredible summer and came back to our new home to try to make new friends before going to our new school.

We threw Kimball was stinking awesome birthday.  My idea was a Halloween Bday.  Your idea was a Captain America bday.  So I did both.  I had a really cool Captain America cake made and then some spooky cupcakes too.  Compromise.  That's what I do as your mom.  You pretty much runs things around here.  Totes true!  Favorites: new toys. you always want a new toy! captain america, anything disgusting, motorcycle juice, fixing things with your dad, snuggling your mom, your blue dog and blanket, playing mine craft.  You always sing and talk to your toys.  So cute!  I love that you make up songs.  But you don't like Taylor Swift and cry when we turn it on.  You get really upset.  You sing the song "Popular" from Wicked and I laugh every time.  Your favorite song is Gangum Style or Get your head in the game,  you have to dance when those songs come on.  You are my happy boy.  The teacher at Preschool has pretty much told me you're a class favorite.  The kids fight over who sits by you.  The teacher says that you are kind and always a good example.  You never get in trouble at school and I am so proud to be your mom.  As you got your hair cut this week, the stylist asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up.  You said "a teenager and a missionary."  I am so lucky to be your mom!

Morgan had an fun bday with all her favorites.  She invited some new friends from school and we made pizzas and crafted and watched movies.  Her friends were all into boys and PG13 movies and talking about who likes who.  It was an eye opener for me!  And I watched you Morgan, completely oblivious to it all the drama.  Just happy to be decorating your pizza or creating your scrapbook.  You're completely unique.  Happy to craft and create.  Bubbly and quirky (totally in a good way) and a joy to everyone around you.  And I looked around at that party with lovely girls, cute girls, funny girls.  But I was grateful that you were mine.  You're 11.  You talk about wanting to do makeup and paint fingernails about 99% of the time.  You beg me for a cell phone and new clothes always.  And you write me notes constantly.  Draw pictures and doodle and there's not a stitch of tape to be found that you haven't used up for your crafting projects.  And I'm just happy that you haven't discovered boys!

I've messed up alot this year as your mom.  I've stressed too much.  Not played enough.  Not read enough stories or hugged you enough.  I'm failing in so many ways.  But you 3 (and your dad!) never make me feel like a failure.  You love me even when I'm moody or frustrated.  You make me laugh and are always willing to look past my failures.  I am truly blessed to be your mom.  I just got to follow my own advice and enjoy today.  Love every minute.  Not take a single day for granted.  Oh why can't everything just stay this simple?  I'm learning.  And hopefully I'll have a lot more time to figure this all out.  Thanks for sticking it out with me, my little ones.....

Ps- Kimball- go to bed already!  It's 11pm and you're roaming the house, fixing a snack and talking to your toys.  How do you do it?