Monday, May 2, 2011

Sicky in the house

Dear Riches,
I got sick this weekend. Like really really sick. Puking every hour, all night long sick. But you were sweet. I didn't want you to see me that way, but you were by my side anyway. I didn't want you to get near me because I didn't want you to get sick too, but you held back my hair for me. It wasn't pretty, but you pretended not to notice. I would've gagged had it been you, but you know me...... and you still love me. Why? I wonder. I didn't leave the bed on Saturday and you played with the kids for hours. You made science experiments, put together dinosaurs & took the kids swimming. Sunday was still a bummer day for me, but you restled through church without me. You made dinner, which I finally felt like eating. Yum! You let Morgan make lemon bars (which is so much more work with "help"). You finished my Mom's Mother Day gift and smiled the whole time while doing it. Thank you, by the way. The laundry was out of control, but we folded it together. The dishes were piling up, but you pitched in. The kids were crazy, but you didn't lose your patience. It was a very unproductive weekend. It should've been miserable, since I felt miserable. But it wasn't. I knew it would be ok. I know it will always be ok. You'll still be here, when I'm at my best (which is pretty much ALL the time) or even at my worst. You'll be by my side.