Friday, February 11, 2011


Legacy. It's a big word. What kind of legacy am I leaving my children? What kind of mother am I? I've slowed down a little lately, just so I can really decide what kind of mother I want to be. What kind of memories will my children have of me? Will they remember how impatient I am when making dinner and have 3 little ones crying at my feet that they're STARVING? Will they think I spent too much time on the phone or computer to listen to them? Do they think I'm mean? Or do they think I'm fun, nice & approachable? I'm hoping the latter. I'm writing this blog entry so my kids can one day look back and understand, that I wasn't just a rule enforcer. I wasn't just a taxi driver, chef (a bad one at best) or the maid. In case they get the truth a little scrabbled, I would like to brain wash, I mean, REMIND them that I was the mom who:

-Sang songs to them at bedtime while scratching their arms.
-made peanut-butter popcorn for after school snacks & had friends over.
-loves to dance and watch their dance performances.
-who tries to make tedious jobs a game.
-who likes suprises and always has one up my sleeve.
-am a sucker for pleases and thank-you's.
-always planning the next party or the next vacation and always has fun planned on the weekend.
-really good at Boggle, I myself don't even understand why.
-encouraged you to "not be self conscience", embrace who you are.
-stayed positive, always focusing on the blessings.
-tried to be a dog family. I'm mean, really, really tried. Just ain't gonna happen!
-can see you get super embarrassed when your dad kisses me, but loves it anyway.
-never wants you to feel alone.
-made the cutest valentines for your class at school.
-would drop everything just to hug you and make sure you're ok. (still working on that one)
-taught you how to be a friend. The good kind that you remember for life.
-let you eat cake & ice cream for breakfast every now and then.
-made up songs on the way to school & sang them at the top of my lungs.
-encouraged creativity and allowed you to dress yourself, even though you ended up wearing dress up shoes and pajamas to Costco.
-loved you more than anyone knew was possible.
I just thought you should know that.

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