Tuesday, February 15, 2011

reasons I heart him

Since this is our family's personal blog, I guess it's ok to get personal. More like cheesy. And if you know me, I like cheese. It's Valentines and the reason I love V-day isn't just for the chocolate covered strawberries. Although, they're stinkin' awesome! I love thinking about the fun people in my life & I like that one day of the year it's ok to be sappy, cause the Hallmark cards are pouring it on as well! We've been married 14 years. That's just crazy. It doesn't feel that long! Over those years, I've had strangers comment to me about your love for me. Once on an airplane a little old lady leaned over, (she was sitting directly infront of us in those backward seats that face the other seats & you had gone to the restroom) she said to me. "What I would give to have my husband look at me even ONCE! the way your husband looks at you! That is LOVE!" Then, she looked sadly at her husband snoring next to her. It was funny, yet so beautiful that she had noticed how you look at me. Another time a person, who I didn't know very well at church, commented that "he lights up when you walk in the room. It's like you're the only one there!" I've had one other friend tell me something similar, and since then, I try not to take it for granted. The way you look at me with sparkly eyes. I do love it! I began thinking about all the reasons I heart you. So without further interruption, I bring you the reasons I heart him: (that means you babe)

-Your laugh. It stops me in my tracks. It's almost sweeter than a baby's giggle.

-Your sparkly eyes. They get me everytime.

-I love that I can't stay mad at you because you're so stinkin adorable, how could I be mad at you when you look at me with your sparkly eyes?

-I heart seeing you hold our babies.

-I love how excited you get over a new gadget. I think you have sparkly eyes for everything at the apple store. I'll try not to be jealous.

-You make the best shortbread on the planet & my hips can prove it!

-You drop everthing & are willing to upset the people you work with just because I need you. I try not to have you do that very often, but I appreciate that you're willing!

-You would, and have, driven an hour out of your way to pick up something for a friend. No complaints, you just do it because!

-You jump at any opportunity to help anyone, not just friends. Especially if it requires using your tools!

-You never complain about me or criticize me in any way. Is it because I'm perfect? Or are you just that nice? :)

-You are an adorable father and our children feel close to you.

-You take the time to go on walks or bike rides with the kids.

-You can fix anything and EVERYTHING! Seriously, you got mad mad skills!

-You never get annoyed at all the home improvement or furniture projects I give you.

-You never complain about my crazy decorating ideas or the garbage art I bring home for you to hang on our walls. I think you secretly know that I'm a brilliant decorator. :)

-You support me in all my "girl's trips" or girl's night outs.

-You never ask me how much I spend.

-You'd give up everything for your family.

-You make me more confident in myself.

-I love that I can give you any problem and you find a way to fix or solve it.

-You put up with me.

-You support me ALWAYS.

-You rarely get mad.

-You are the most patient man I'll ever know.

-You let me dress you and will even wear purple and pink!

-I know I can always count on you.

-I've learned to relax more because of you. I'll never be as relaxed as you though, I'm not even sure it's possible!

-You are a hard worker and no job is ever beneath you!

-I heart when you kiss me on the side of my eyes.

-You are loving.

-You're the best NON-complainer EVER! I need to takes notes, I know.

-I love when you cook and bake for us.

-I love that when anything breaks, the kids say (including our 2 yr old) "daddy fix it".

-I love that our children adore you because you make them feel confident and loved.

-I love that I get to spend forever with you Mr. Sparkly Eyes.

Happy Valentines my love!

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