Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rich's 40th

I know Rich's birthday has come and gone. And I didn't take many pictures of it. Kicking myself now, but really I was just so busy planning all the fun that I didn't think of picking up the camera. So now you'll just have to imagine that as the nicest wife in the world, I planned an amazing shin-dig! We had a wonderful evening with friends and food. We played a "Who knows Rich best" game and found some interesting facts about him. For instance, did you know that he was arrested for suspicion of smuggling drugs? Or that he's seen Titanic 7 times in the movie theater but never once since its come out? Or that he was offered a music scholarship to BYU but declined since he had no desire to major in music. He also did a book report on the dictionary once. Oh yeah, he was a favorite among the ladies with that one! I was really impressed with how creative people were on the gifts. One couple made an AARP poster with some great slogans on embarrassing products you might need when you get older. And there were men's diapers a plenty! I put them in the car to exchange, but was too embarrassed to actually return them to a store. Then Rich took my car into the shop for an oil change only to get into the car and realize that the guys working on it, had to move the diapers to get into an electic panel. Rich doesn't get embarrassed too often, but he was RED after that!

The evening was fun and Rich felt loved so mission accomplished! His brother came in to town to visit and one night while I was tucking kids in bed, I came downstairs to find this site. Too cute! They sat like this and talked for over an hour.

Happy 40th babe! I hope you feel loved and adored and too young to use most the gifts you were given! Although you're never too young to be excited about your new 55 inch LED 3-D Sony TV from your stinkin' awesome wife. "Toot Toot!" (That was just my own horn!)

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