Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day of School

Dear Kimball- I have a feeling when you learn that the girls left for their first day of school, you won't be smiling any more. It's just you and me kid. It's been a fun summer with sleeping late and swimming, lots of swimming! But now we got to get back into a routine. Naps, snack time, puzzle time, play dates, but most important: NAPS! You wear me out. You are constantly ON! You say the funniest things, like when you lost a piece of the vacuum that dad was fixing. We searched for 20 minutes until I found it on the couch where you'd been playing. You sang "teamwork!" when I told dad I found it. Where you learned that, I still don't know, but it was cute. Not overly cute though, so stop taking things and losing them! I asked you the other day if you wanted to be a big boy like dad and not wear diapers, you told me, "Nah, I'm good..." It made me wonder if you'd ever be potty trained since you sounded like a teenager when you said it! Don't grow up too fast Kimball. I've got 3 more years til I have to send you to school, until then, we've got some serious playing/ breaking things to do! Oh the things you break!

Dear Morgan- My little 4th grader! Will you stop getting so old? Every time I talk to you on the phone I swear I'm talking to an adult. You sound so mature! An old soul. I hope this year you have confidence and know that you're loved. That you can do anything you set your mind to. I hope you realize how much talent that you've been given and don't focus on the things that seem hard. You are creative, kind, thoughtful and a wonderful big sister. You are just the kind of girl I hoped I raise! Stay sweet little M.....

Tater tot- My 2nd grader. You don't walk anywhere you run! You have so much energy and your smile is ear to ear! I love how you play with Kimball. You are such a cute sister. You are also a perfectionist, something you get from your dad. You want to be perfect at everything you do, and you are! You are incredibly smart and talented and a joy to watch. I hope this year you continue to be a wonderful friend to others. I hope that you're a leader and you continue to choose the right. You are so bubbly and fun and I love to see you smile! I'm so lucky to have such a fun daughter!

My little fashionista's headed to their first day of school. Gonna miss you girls like crazy!

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