Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back to school photoshoot

Dear chickens- it's just easier if I refer to you that way, since half the time you run around like crazy beheaded chickens. I'm so sad to see you go off to school. I miss you while you're away. Kimball misses you while you're away. But I'm glad for the next two years that you will be at the same school. Taking care of each other.

Because you girls are really good at taking care of each other. This photo is not posed. You did this on your own. Just as you do every night when you insist on sleeping in the same twin size bed together. Even though you have your own rooms and your own beds. It's so sweet how close you are. Please don't stop being best friends. Pretty pretty please with accessories on top?

Taylor- continue to be a friend. You are a really good friend. Especially to this little guy below. You never tire of playing with him and are always willing to grab a diaper or put on his shoes or help him get dressed. You are the sweetest sister and I remember when I just had Kimball, you'd referred to him as "my baby". I believe you really thought that!

Little K- As everyone went off to school and work today you told them all to "come back and play, ok?" Then you told dad to "bring home the hot dogs!" I guess that's your take on daddy bringing home the bacon. You make us laugh.

Dear Morgan, This year will be trickier than all the years before. Filled with homework, friend drama, homework, piano, playdates and homework. Don't give up. You have more talent than anyone I know. And I know talented people! You have so many strengths and are a party planner just like me. I love how BIG your heart is, you are the sweetest thing since candy apples.

Good bye my little chickadees. Go learn and play and tell me all about it!

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