Thursday, January 12, 2012

I am a child of God

Dear Kimball-

It's 5am. Insomnia is super lame. But my mind was racing with how quickly you're changing. How, if I blink, you'll be all grown up, serving a mission or away at college or possibly in love with someone other than me. Gulp. That's a hard one to swallow. You told me the other day that I "looked like a Pincess" (Princess) as I was getting dressed for a party. Cutest thing EVER! I could freeze time and have you stay this little and sweet and happy and funny and adorable forever. Minus the diapers..... just sayin'. While I was beyond devasted that you're a big Sunbeam now at church and not a nursery toddler anymore, it is fun to be in junior Primary and watch you. When the chorister said she wanted to sing "I am a Child of God" you jumped up, raised your hand, (who taught you to do that?) and patted your chest and said over and over "I'm a child of God, I'm a child of God! How'd you know'd I'm a child of God?" I died. So happy. So stinkin' perfect and cute and wanted to stop time forever right then. So can you do me this one small favor? Never ever stop knowing that you're a child of God. And never ever stop being so fun! You are pretty darn fun, in between 3 year old melt downs that is......



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