Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Years Resolutions

I just read on this blog I admire "Stop living a PAUSED life". I have always been guilty of waiting for something. Waiting for a new, improved, better job for my husband. (so grateful that wait is over!) Waiting for "someday" when we have money to buy new furniture or go on a fancy vacation. It was much worse when I was waiting to buy a new house and have babies. I felt like I was waiting to start my life. Now I realize how much time I waste just waiting for the someday that may or may not happen. Choosing to be happy- it truly is a choice. I tell my kids this all the time but really need a reminder myself. I will be happy no matter where I live, how inexpensive or expensive my home is. No matter the cars I drive or purses I carry. I will be happy that my husband has a job instead of upset that he's never home for dinner. (that's the hardest one for me to let go)

So my new years resolution? (I stole this idea from someone as well- but it's very fitting for me) One year from now: I will not regret a single day from 2012

That's it. That sums up what I want my life to be. A life of happiness, not what if's. A life of memorizing the sound of my childrens laughs, my husband's sparkly eyes, the way I feel just after my son tells me he loves me more than icecream. Oh that's good! 2012 is gonna be great, cause that's it's only choice!

I've also thought about the person I want to be and how I want to change. I was preparing my lesson to teach my 4yr old class at church and I ran across this song from David Archuleta. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I've heard this song many times, but for some reason, this time was different. I realized that if I lived this way, my life would truly be better. If everyone lived this way, well lets just say we wouldn't have 90% of our problems.

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