Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man

Dear Kimball, You're 3 now. You survived 3 years of falling down, running into walls, jumping off couches, climbing onto counters, locking me out of the house (multiple times) and escaping from the house. I don't know how you've survived it all, but I'm grateful. You bring our family so much happiness. And it's not just our family, my friends tell me almost daily how much they enjoy you too. Your smile makes all the sleep deprivation worth it! Some milestones this year would be speech. You talk non-stop and say the funniest things, like "mom, what animal you like?" Or "mom, I stink, check it!" (You need to be potty trained but it's alot more complicated than I remember it being with the girls) You love to dance and you turn on Morgan's Barbie CD player with HighSchool Musical and dance to the basketball song all the time. You seem to think your friends would enjoy it too, but they usually just stare at you in amazement. Your dancing skills are quite interesting :) You love to laugh, you love fruit snacks and "motorcycle juice" (that's water with a bit of crystal light sprinkled into it) You love your blue blanket and blue dog. You love, love, love Buzz and Woody from Toy Story and watch it daily. You're obsessed with little figurines- animals or action figues- just as long as they're little! You ask to "snugger me mom?" And I scoop you up and wish you'd never grow up! Please stay this sweet. Please let your life continue to bring others joy. Please continue to be happy and obedient and thoughtful. You are the sweetest boy and I'm so glad you're mine!!! Happy Birthday Kimball!

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